Q-litter born 29.9.2017, 1 girl still looking for a home

2 tyttöä ja 2 poikaa, 1 tyttö etsii omaa kotia vielä.

2 girls and 2 boys, 1 girl is still looking for a home.

Eckerö INT 1.10.2017

Our boys did well in Eckerö INT!

Oona and Nella travelled to Eckerö with Daki and Leevi as I had to stay home to take care of my new litter.

TTs were judged for the first time by Mr Harri Lehkonen from Finland.

Girls made us so proud again as our boys got double win in best male competition.

Leevi also kicked his socks of with Oona in BIS-veteran placing as res. BIS-veteran.

BM1, CACIB, BOS C.I.B CH Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang
BM-2, BOB-vet, BIS-2-vet Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer

Nella competed with Leevi in junior handling and they won their age category and was res. BIS junior handler.

Congratulations girls and thank you, you are pure gold!

Upcoming Fabulous Teddy’s Q-litter!

Upcoming Fabulous Teddy’s Q-litter!

Expected to be born on week 39

Father is our current top winner
C.I.B, Nordic, Ee, Lv Ch, Rigaw-15, HeW-15
National specialty BIS 2016, National specialty Best male 2017
HD A/C, Elbows 0/0, Knees 0/0, Eyes clear (2017), LL-clear, NCL-clear, PRA3 and Rcd4 clear

Mother is our lovely black queen of the house
HD C/C, Knees 0/0, Eyes clear (2017), NCL-clear, LL-carrier, PRA3 and Rcd4 clear

Daki has already very promising offspring and 3 CC-winners. Dunia has had one litter before and there is CC-winner too.

Please feel free to contact if you feel interested!

9.9.2017 Rogaland INT, Norway

Today at Rogaland INT, Norway
18 TT
Tt’s judged by Tiina Taulos

Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang


Big thank you Oona and Niko!!

3.9.2017 Kaivopuisto

Two of the very last shows for us for the outdoors season were the Toydog specialty and a national all-breed show, both held in our always so beautiful capital Helsinki.

Last weekend we showed at the presticious annual toydog specialty in Kaivopuisto area. Tibetan terriers were judged by the Swedish breed specialist mr. Markus Gisslén. He seemed to like a lot about the offspring of Leevi which were served for him by the Plathan family. Brother and sister, Ch Karamain Talisman Tashi and Ch Karamain Turandot were his winners, congratulations! The daddy of those two was awarded right after his son as the res. Best male and BOB-veteran.

Our other boyband members Juuso (exc2, CQ) and Daki (4th. best male) were showed, too. Thank you so much Anni Sillanpää for the super handling help!

In the afternoon at the finals our Leevi (Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer) won res. BIS veteran under mr. Henrik Johansson showed by my friend Oona. Thank you, you make a lovely couple together!

As the icing on a cake Leevi’s son Tashi made us all very very proud being res. BEST IN SHOW in that prestigious show, judged by The one and only, mr. Rainer Vuorinen. Congratulations to the Plathan family and Leevi’s lovely kiddos for the successfull show and thank you everyone who just made a smile on my face on that day! Love you all so much!

P-pennut s.11.07.2017 2 tyttöä ja poika

P-pennut s.11.07.2017 2 tyttöä ja poika / P-litter born 11.07.2017, two girls and a boy.

Q-pentue odotetaan syntyvän syyskuun viimeisellä viikolla lisää infoa lähiaikoina.
Q-litter expected in last week of September, more information soon.

5.8.2017 Kuopio INT

Hello from Kuopio!

Today we went to Kuopio INT and Tt’s were judged by Kristiina Ahlberg.

We had only Leevi, Multi Ch Multi W Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer with us and he did marvellous job!

BOB, BOB-VET and shortlisted to TOP 8 in BIS-veteran competition.

Thank you Niko for travelling company and all the help at the show.

30.7. Helsinki Eukanuba Int Show

Judge: Elina Haapaniemi

Our team had yet again very successfull showday.

This time our BOB-boy was our true showman Ch Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang. Grand old man Ch Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer BM-3, BOS-VET and our young man Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game BM-4, RE-CAC, BOB-JUN and shortlisted in BIS-junior.

Thank you my super team that you make this happen again and again!

17.7.2017 Oulu double CACIB shows

What a weekend we had at Oulu double CACIB shows!

Juuso, Fabulous Teddy’s Name If The Game BOB, CAC, BIG, BIS 3!

Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer BOB-veteran & BIS 2 -veteran!

Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer BOS, BOB-veteran

Juuso, Fabulous Teddy’s Name If The Game res. best male with CAC

Daki, Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang 3rd. best male and CACIB #10!

Breeders group BOB&HP, BIS 3!

♡THANK YOU for the perfect care and being a loving, the best, home for Dani, Anu Tapio and her husband! ❤ also thanks to the rest of my diamond team: Niko, Suvi, Nella, Juulia and Oona! ❤💖

9.7.2017 Karjaa all-breeds

Great news from Karjaa all-breeds!

Judge: Jussi Liimatainen (breed and group)

Leevi, Multi Ch Multi W Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer BOB, BIG-2!!

Juuso, CC-winner Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game BM-2 and one more CC to his credit.

Thank you Niko and Oona so much for coming to help me at the show.