P-Litter born 1.6.2018, some still looking for a home

R-pennut syntyneet 1.6.2018 4 urosta ja 3 narttua. Hyvä luonteisista ja tutkituista ja terveistä vanhemmista. Osa pennuista etsii vielä omia koteja.

R-litter born 1.6.2014 4 boys and 3 girls. From good natured, screened, healthy parents. Some of them are still looking for a home.

Tampere International 26.11.2017


BEEST OF BREED & CACIB: Finley, Os-Pa Sim-Khyi od Vilzonky

Res. BEST MALE & res.CACIB: Daki, Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gangsta rap

3rd. BEST MALE AND THE BEST VETERAN OF BREED:Leevi the living legend, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer

Thank you Niko, Oona and Sari ❤ My team is pure gold!

Now it is time to rest and have fun running free on the fields, no shows on next weekend!

Tampere 25.11.2017

Tampere day 1: Got a pleasure to have some fun and showed Daki’s gorgeous and funny son Gampo ( Karamain Wutang Gampo, 19 months) to 3rd. Best male with his #4 CAC! TT’s were judged by mr. Jussi Liimatainen.

BOB went to the most gorgeous boyband artist Leevi, who also got shortlisted in BIS-VETERAN.

Seinäjoki 29.10.2017

Leevi, CIB, multi ch, multi winner, multible BIS-winner Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer is now THE VETERAN OF THE YEAR 2017 OF ALL BREEDS in Finland!!

Today he went all the way to res. BIS veteran whitch added the missing points on his haul! I just cannot believe this! This is actually the first time a TT wins the veteran of the year -competition.
I’m so happy! Thank you judges mr. Jari Partanen (breed) and mr. Refet Hadzic (BIS-veteran). Also the most humble thanks to my team for this amazing showyear, a year I will cherish forever! And my dear friend Oona, thank you for the handling help, amazing is an understatement to describe how you two looked tonight on the BIS ring!

Jyväskylä international, day 2

Leevi the king showed his glittery socks off and went BEST OF BREED & BEST OF BREED VETERAN! Our Daki was chasing his brake lights to res.BEST MALE with CACIB.

Congrats to Ia and Miri for BOS & BOS-vet! 💖

Jyväskylä 14.10.2017

Fabulous Teddy´s Name Of The Game Sert, Cacib and BOB

Judge Mijatovic Jadranka

Q-litter born 29.9.2017

2 tyttöä ja 2 poikaa.

2 girls and 2 boys.

Eckerö INT 1.10.2017

Our boys did well in Eckerö INT!

Oona and Nella travelled to Eckerö with Daki and Leevi as I had to stay home to take care of my new litter.

TTs were judged for the first time by Mr Harri Lehkonen from Finland.

Girls made us so proud again as our boys got double win in best male competition.

Leevi also kicked his socks of with Oona in BIS-veteran placing as res. BIS-veteran.

BM1, CACIB, BOS C.I.B CH Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang
BM-2, BOB-vet, BIS-2-vet Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer

Nella competed with Leevi in junior handling and they won their age category and was res. BIS junior handler.

Congratulations girls and thank you, you are pure gold!

Upcoming Fabulous Teddy’s Q-litter!

Upcoming Fabulous Teddy’s Q-litter!

Expected to be born on week 39

Father is our current top winner
C.I.B, Nordic, Ee, Lv Ch, Rigaw-15, HeW-15
National specialty BIS 2016, National specialty Best male 2017
HD A/C, Elbows 0/0, Knees 0/0, Eyes clear (2017), LL-clear, NCL-clear, PRA3 and Rcd4 clear

Mother is our lovely black queen of the house
HD C/C, Knees 0/0, Eyes clear (2017), NCL-clear, LL-carrier, PRA3 and Rcd4 clear

Daki has already very promising offspring and 3 CC-winners. Dunia has had one litter before and there is CC-winner too.

Please feel free to contact if you feel interested!

9.9.2017 Rogaland INT, Norway

Today at Rogaland INT, Norway
18 TT
Tt’s judged by Tiina Taulos

Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang


Big thank you Oona and Niko!!