16.12.2018 Finnish Winner show 2018

TTs were judged by Hans Boelaars, Netherlands
Puppies by Sanna Vakkilainen

Fabulous Teddy’s Raise The Bar BOB-puppy and shortlisted TOP6 in group.

New Finnish Junior Winner 2018 with BB4, CAC Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang

Thank you all for the great weekend!

Lovely day at Helsinki Winner Show 15.12.2018

Judge for adults Annukka Paloheimo and for puppies Kimmo Mustonen.

BOB-puppy Fabulous Teddy’s Raise The Bar

BM-2, RES NORD CAC Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
BM-3 Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang

BOB breeder’s group!

10.12.2018 Celebrating the SWEDISH WINNERS 2018!

My Grand Old Man Leevi showed from the bottom of his heart and went all the way to BEST OF BREED and BEST OF BREED VETERAN at the age of 12 years while our young gal Zara went BEST JUNIOR OF BREED and BEST BITCH!

Also, our breeder’s group won BOB ❤

Thank you Vilte, Patricia and Oona, I might be just the luckiest breeder in the world! Also thank you Vilte for teaming up with another beauty in the group, you two were just breathtaking! It was just a bliss to see you two in the limelights

17-18.11.2018 Lilleström, Norwegian Winner Dogshow

17.11.2018 Lillstrom, Norway
Greetings from Norway!
Yesterday we showed under breed specialist Mrs. Tuula Plathan with following results:

🌟Teddy, Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder At Cloudbusters: Jun exc3
🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer: Vet Exc1, 3rd. best male and as and icing on a cake the BEST OF BREED veteran and NORDIC VETERAN WINNER 2018!

🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang: Jun Exc2
🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love: Int Exc1, 4th. best bitch, CAC!

🌟 Breeders group 3th with honour prize

18.11.2018 Brilliant end for our visit in Norway

Judge for TTs was breed specialist Ashley Reid, Australia

BOB, BOB-vet, BIG-3, BIS-4-vet NoW-18, NoVW-18 Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
JUN Exc2 CQ Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder
JUN Exc1 CQ Re-CAC NoJW-18 Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang
INT Exc2 CQ Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love

Thank you Oona for perfect handling of Leevi!

11.11.2018 Jyväskylä

On sunday TTs were judged by Rune Lysgaard from Norway.

BOB, CAC Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder
BM-2, CACIB Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game
BM-3, BOB-vet Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
EXC1 CQ Fabulous Teddy’s Once Upon A Time
BF-2, CAC Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love
BF-4 Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang
BOB breeders group

Thank you Oona and Antonio for splendid weekend and thank you Antonio trusting your golden nugget for a while to us!

10.11.2018 Jyväskylä

Leevi BOB & BOB-VET, both group 3rd.and BIS-3 VETERAN Juuso BM-3, Our british addition Teddy CAC, Osku RE-CAC and in girls Zara CAC. Breeders group BOB.

Tts were judged by ”Mr Kudos”, Mikael Nilsson, Sweden. Thank you Mr. Mikael Nilsson (breed), Mrs. Lew Olson (group) and Mr. Harri Lehkonen (BIS veteran).


4.11.2018 Tarto

Great day at Tartu International dogshow!!!

Judge: Eva Nielsen, Sweden

BOB, BOB-jun, Jun-CC , Group 4th Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang

BOS, CACIB, CAC = EE CH Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game

Than you Juulia Nemlander for helping with Juuso and Nella Nemlander for this picture!

3.11.2018 Tarto

Our 13 months old Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang was attending in Tarto International dogsgow with Oona!

Result as best bitch, BOS, BOB-jun, Jun-CC and shortlisted in huge BIS junior!!

Toydog specialty in Helsinki Kaivopuisto

Amazing day at Toydog specialty in Helsinki Kaivopuisto!

Our judge was from Sweden, Carina Johansson.

Let our results speak for themselves:

BOB Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game
BM3, BOB- & BIS1-veteran Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
BOS and BOB-junior with CAC Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang
BB4 Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love
BOB breeders class

Hype was also shortlisted on BIS junior and our breeders class in BIS breeder.

Thank you million times for you amazing people who helped in the ring and ringside and made this day so memorable: Oona, Niko, Ansku, Sari, Mari, Jaana, Marketta ja Tuula 😍😍