Meet Zara!

So folks, please meet Zara!!

Zara, Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love was our last weekend debutante at Tampere international show. She was shown to 2nd. with CQ in large junior class under mr. Juha Palosaari.

She really showed her tiny, glittery socks off as the youngest girl in the ring. I’m so proud of her!

Tampere int show

King Leevi is on fire!

Last sunday at Tampere int show, under mr. Juha Palosaari, Leevi won the BEST MALE AND BEST VETERAN ON BREED!

Osku Fabulous Teddy’s Once Upon A Time, won his #2 CAC! Conratz Laura!

Imatra National all breed show


🐼 Juuso, Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game went 4rd BEST MALE, a day after his 2nd. Birthday, with his 12th. CAC which makes him also a Finnish Champion!

🐼 Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer won the BOB VETERAN and on the finals he went all the way to runner up BIS VETERAN!

TTs were judged by mr. Paavo Mattila and BIS veteran by Anca Giura. Thank you for appreciating my boys! ❤ Also thanks to my partner in crime Oona for everything ❤⚘

Crufts 2018

Boyband On Tour at Crufts!

Last weekend we attended the Crufts in UK with smashing results:

🏆Prince Teddy, Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder Best Puppy In Breed🏆

👑King Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer res. Best veteran dog 👑

❤️Daki, Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of the Gang TOP 7 on very strong open dog❤️

Thank you so much for this Crufts experience to my bestest team -we will be back!

Photos exclusively by the one and only Brigitte Roy❤️

Tibetan Terrier Of The Year 2017 results are out!

The Tibetan Terrier Of The Year 2017 results are out! Our Boyband did smashingly well!

🥇Daki, Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gang
-The Most Winning TT in Finland 2017

🥈Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
-The Most Winning TT Veteran 2017
– The Most Winning Veteran All Breeds 2017
#2 male TT 2017
#4 TT 2017

🥉Juuso, Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game
#3 Male TT 2017
#6 TT 2017

Kennel Fabulous Teddy’s
#3 B R E E D E R 2017

Thank you judges, friends and puppy owners!

Turku International dogshow

Such a splendid start for the show year of 2018!

Today we were in Turku at international dogshow with entry of over 3500 dogs.

Tibetan terriers were judged by Mrs. Birte Scheel, Dk.

BOB with CAC and CACIB was 22 months old Juuso, Fabulous Teddy’s Name Of The Game.

Leevi, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer was 2nd best male and BOB-veteran. Later he went all the way to BIS-veteran under Mr Rodi Hübenthal, No.

Thank you Oona and Niko for coming over to help me!

Leevi Veteran of the Year!

THE VETERAN OF THE YEAR from all breeds in Finland is my precious, the one and the only Leevi!

Thank you my team! ❤

Vuolasvirta Award

VUOLASVIRTA AWARD was given to me for devoted breeding work of tibetan terriers, on Saturday, December the 9th.

The ceremony itself was organized at the main ring of the Nordic Winner show.

My humblest thank you to the Finnish Kennel Club and my puppy owners for this prize! Thank you!

CACIB shows Helsinki


Triple CACIB shows in Helsinki, Finland

On Friday, December 8th. Leevi HEVW-17, BOB-VETERAN & BIS-VETERAN!

On Saturday, December 9th. Leevi NORDVW-17 & BOB-veteran, Daki res. BEST MALE & res.CACIB , Juuso 3rd. BEST MALE with res.CAC

On Sunday, December 10th. Leevi FIVW-17, BOB-VETERAN & Finley BOS & FIW-17 & CACIB

Tampere International 26.11.2017


BEEST OF BREED & CACIB: Finley, Os-Pa Sim-Khyi od Vilzonky

Res. BEST MALE & res.CACIB: Daki, Fabulous Teddy’s Leader Of The Gangsta rap

3rd. BEST MALE AND THE BEST VETERAN OF BREED:Leevi the living legend, Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer

Thank you Niko, Oona and Sari ❤ My team is pure gold!

Now it is time to rest and have fun running free on the fields, no shows on next weekend!