17-18.11.2018 Lilleström, Norwegian Winner Dogshow

17.11.2018 Lillstrom, Norway
Greetings from Norway!
Yesterday we showed under breed specialist Mrs. Tuula Plathan with following results:

🌟Teddy, Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder At Cloudbusters: Jun exc3
🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer: Vet Exc1, 3rd. best male and as and icing on a cake the BEST OF BREED veteran and NORDIC VETERAN WINNER 2018!

🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang: Jun Exc2
🌟Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love: Int Exc1, 4th. best bitch, CAC!

🌟 Breeders group 3th with honour prize

18.11.2018 Brilliant end for our visit in Norway

Judge for TTs was breed specialist Ashley Reid, Australia

BOB, BOB-vet, BIG-3, BIS-4-vet NoW-18, NoVW-18 Fabulous Teddy’s Daniel Wanderer
JUN Exc2 CQ Fabulous Teddy’s Path Finder
JUN Exc1 CQ Re-CAC NoJW-18 Fabulous Teddy’s Queen Of The Gang
INT Exc2 CQ Fabulous Teddy’s Passionate Love

Thank you Oona for perfect handling of Leevi!